Control Transformers

We are a Control Transformer manufacturer that works to build reliable units for your specific applications. They are used to power low-voltage electronics in a circuit such as EMO switches, contactors, etc.

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Technical Capabilities

Power Rating 50VA up to 5kVA
Frequency 50/60Hz
Voltages Up to 600V Standard
Other Options Multiple output taps


192VA Control Transformers

Control Transformer certification label
192VA Control Transformer coils

This 192 kVA control transformer is used for the control power in an electronic security door system.

Power Rating 192VA
No. of Phases 1
Frequency 60 Hz
Primary 24Vrms
Secondary 24Vrms at 8Arms

Understanding the Control Transformer

The control transformer is typically a smaller isolation transformer with a very specific purpose—“to reduce the line voltage to the value needed to operate control circuits” (, 2013). Commonly, the control transformer is made of two primary windings and one secondary winding creating a 2:1 turns ratio. Generally, the primary windings are rated for 240 V and the secondary is rated for 120 V.

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