Technical Capabilities

Power Rating 500VA up to 250kVA
Frequency 50/60Hz
400Hz up to 20kHz
Voltages Up to 250kVrms
Up to 350kVDC or pulse
Isolation Up to 250kVrms
Up to 350kVDC
Dielectrics Air
Oil: mineral and silicone
Gas: sulfur hexaflouride and freon
Epoxy: materials/techniques vary with required properties
Options Enclosures (NEMA 1, 3, 3R, 4, 4X)
Circuit protection
Emergency Off safety switches
Ring-lug compatibility terminal connections

High Voltage Transformers

A high voltage transformer is a transformer having input our output voltages that are significantly higher than common line voltages. These are designed and tested to a higher dielectric test voltage than the operating voltage it is designed to produce.

High voltage refers not only to high output voltage but to high-voltage isolation and high-voltage rectification as well. High voltage isolation transformers are highly insulated from primary to secondary and secondary to ground. These are used to isolate the high voltage components from the rest of the system. Units in this category can either be single or three-phase and like all of our products, are designed specifically to meet each customer's needs.


815kVA High Voltage Rectifier Transformer

Neutral current zigzag transformer used for grounding purposes.
Neutral current zigzag transformer used for grounding purposes.

This 815kVA high voltage rectifier transformer was used in a digital modulator. It is corona free at 130% of normal operating voltage and has casters for mobility.

Power Rating 815kVA
No. of Phases 3
Frequency 50Hz
Primary llkVrms line-line
Secondary 32 secondaries, phase-shifted, each individually rectified
Isolation 50kVrms secondary to ground
More Examples

100kV High Voltage Isolation Transformer

High voltage isolation transformer, 100kV isolation

This 30kVA, 100kV isolation, transformer is used in semiconductor manufacturing equipment.

Power Rating 30kVA
Isolation 100kVrms
No. of Phases 3
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Primary 380Vrms Delta
Secondary 208Vrms at 8.33Arms Wye

106kVA High Voltage Transformer

106kVA multitap high voltage transformers

This 106kVA high voltage transformer is used in industrial microwave processing equipment used for food treatment.

Power Rating 106kVA
No. of Phases 3
Frequency 60 Hz
Primary 480Vrms ±2.5, 5, 7.5% taps
Secondary 17.6kVDC @ 5.5ADC from series connected 12-pulse bridge