1MW Interphase Transformer

1MW Interphase Transformer
Power Rating 1MW
Nominal Voltage 600VDC
Voltage Regulation 6.00%, 5.50% (0.50% is resistive)
Rated Current 1,666.67ADC
Peak Terminal Voltage 80.391V
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5MW Interphase Transformer

5MW Interphase Transformer

This 5MW Interphase Transformer is used for traction power at train stations. There are two transformers per station, each one a mirror of the other. This is used to combat imbalanced loads coming from a rectifier transformer.

Power Rating 5MW
Nominal Voltage 1,000VDC
Light Load Voltage 1,049V
Rated Current 5,000ADC
Peak Terminal Voltage 133.223V

Technical Capabilities

Nominal Voltages Up to 1,500VDC
Rated Current Up to 6,500VAC
Current Imbalance Up to 6%
Other Options Noise Specifications
Connection location specifications